Treasure Island Upgrades Sometimes Come With A Bottle Of Champagne

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Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas

Treasure Island owner Phil Ruffin recently purchased Circus Circus. Earlier this week we shared some information on his plans for the future of the family-friendly casino.

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the two hotels should be connected through the players clubs. There could be an entirely new loyalty club that combines both properties. At the same time, it might be easier to merge the two existing clubs into one brand.

Circus Circus Hotel Rooms

It’s not too early to look into the future of looking getting a complimentary upgrade at Circus Circus using the $20 Trick. When doing research on Treasure Island, I noticed that quite a few people have received upgrades this year. It seems as if Treasure Island will be the dominant brand and this could roll into how welcoming the front desk agents are at Circus Circus.

If you haven’t stayed at Circus Circus before there are different room levels like most Las Vegas hotels. Circus Circus even has different suites available. Who knew?! They offer single bedroom suites all the way up to multi-level suites.

More useful might be knowing that “manor” rooms at Circus Circus are in a separate building from the casino and attractions. These are the least expensive rooms at the hotel. A minimal upgrade should at least bring guests from the manor to the main building at Circus Circus.

Ruffin is committed to keeping Circus Circus affordable, just as he’s done at Treasure Island. If he uses some of the same management tactics upgrades at Circus Circus could very well be possible once the sale goes through later this year.

Treasure Island Upgrades

This year there have been a variety of great upgrades at Treasure Island. Upgrades include suites, better views, bottles of champagne, and more. Actually, quite a few of the upgrades included a bottle of champagne. Let’s take a look:

Ark received quite the upgrade from a basic hotel room to a suite!

Saved: $450
Tipped: $50
Upgraded to Vegas Season Petite Suite from Vegas Season Deluxe

“I handed the guy my sandwich (I decided to tip $50 since my stay is 1 week long, around $1100 total) and quietly and politely asked if there are any complimentary upgrades. He asked me if I wanted any specific room, and I asked for something nice, since me and my wife were on the honey moon. He was so nice and gave us the petite suite (much larger room with 2 bathrooms). Unfortunately, the first one was overlooking the construction site, so I went back with the keys and asked him if there is anything overlooking the strip (didn’t need to tip this time). In less than a minute I had the new keys. Such a wonderful beginning of our stay!”

Michael not only received a better review but a bottle of champagne using the $20 Trick.

Saved: Around $100
Tipped: $20
Upgraded to Vegas Season Strip View from Vegas Season Deluxe

“The line was pretty long so it was hard to target a clerk. The clerk i got had just come off of break and I was her first customer. I past her my ID, and Credit card with the $20 in between. Simply asked if there was an Complimentary room upgrades today. She gave me a little smirk. We were staying for 4 nights. She asked us what brought use to Vegas. We told her is was our first time and it was our first vacation since of 3 year old was born, Which is all true but we poured it on.”

“She upgraded use to not only a strip view but a Panoramic strip view room, gave us a complimentary bottle of Champagne and I think she also slipped in a couple more 2 for 1 buffet coupons. Well worth the $20 tip.”

Earlier this year, Rena had a great upgrade (with champagne) and the closing line of the comments says it all. “Best $20 spent!!” — BOOM!

Tipped: $20
Upgraded to Vegas Season Petite Suite from Vegas Season Deluxe

“Came in around 1pm. Did not target any clerk, stood in line and waited for the next available which was an African American gal in her mid/late-20’s. Walked up to the counter with a smile & greeted a Good Afternoon. Slipped the $20 bw credit card and ID at check-in. She fanned out the sandwich, saw the $20, and had a big grin on her face while asking if I needed change. I proceeded to say, “no but was wondering if you had any complementary upgrades preferably with a large bathtub.” She nodded her head and started typing on her keyboard. She then proceeded to say “I can put you in a petite suite but unfortunately it’ll be on the a lower floor still with a strip view, is that ok? I said, perfect! Then she asked, do you like champagne, I said yes! With that said, also got comped a bottle of champagne! Best $20 spent!!”