Caesars Las Vegas Hotel Room Upgrades

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve shared information about hotel room renovations at various Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas. The last two hotel room renovation projects are taking place this year at Paris Las Vegas and Harrah’s. By the end of this year, approximately 90% of Caesars’ rooms will have been updated in the past few years.

The recently upgraded hotel rooms at Caesars Las Vegas properties aren’t keeping readers away from asking for upgrades. The Caesars casinos on the Vegas Strip have excellent upgrade ratings.

Many of the hotels will assist in a complimentary upgrade using a $20 trick. Take a look at some Caesars’ upgrades this year:

Caesars Palace

Hotel: Caesars Palace (91% Success)


Saved: $1571

Tipped: $50

Upgraded to Augustus Tower Deluxe from Forum Tower Deluxe

We checked in on a Wednesday afternoon and it was busy. We usually don’t target a clerk, but we got lucky. A gentleman by the name of Bryan called us over and we handed him the sandwich. He spread out the ID’s and card and the folded $50 and began to type and asked us to hold a moment while he checked with the inventory. We waited for about 5 minutes and he apologized several times during the wait. Obviously not a problem when we’re looking for an upgrade.. He got off the phone and explained that the upgrade was two tiers higher than what we had booked and gave us a much larger suite with a view of the Bellagio fountains. For having a partial comp’d room to start with due to rewards, we were very happy with the upgrade.

Planet Hollywood

Hotel:  Planet Hollywood (91% Success)


Tipped: $40

Upgraded to PH Panorama Suite from Resort Room

Arrived around noon on the Saturday before Labor Day, there wasn’t much of a line. Made some pleasant small talk with the clerk – we didn’t target anyone, went to the first person available. After talking about raising small kids and how nice it was to get away as a couple for once we delivered the tip. He thanked us nicely and we then asked if there were any upgrades available. Then he said he was sure he could help and then stepped to the back for a few minutes. He returned and said he could get us in one of the panorama king suites if we could wait a couple of hours. We happily obliged and checked our bags with the bell desk. He also told us to bypass the line when they texted us to let us know the room was ready – just use the platinum line and tell them we need to pick up keys. Everything went great!


Hotel:  Bally’s (87% Success)


Tipped:  $50 
Upgraded to  Indigo Junior Suite  from  Unsure 
I was checking in this past Tuesday afternoon for a four-night stay leaving on my birthday, so I thought I had a good chance and opted for the $50 tip because of my long stay which included a Friday night. I had a comped King smoking room, and anything above that would be great. He gave me the choice of a nonsmoking suite or a King room with some sort of premium view. I said I wanted the suite. Then he tapped around and said I got you on a higher floor, and I ended up on Floor 14 with a pretty cool High Roller view.


Hotel:  Paris Las Vegas (83% Success)


Saved:  $200 
Tipped:  $20 
Upgraded to  Red Room Eiffel View High Floor  from  Classic Room 
Had a crappy room on 4th floor comped for 2 nights.

Slipped a 20 between my CC and ID…

I waited till the moment she looked at the 20 dollar bill and I said ” It’s my girlfriend’s birthday. If there are any complimentary upgrades with a view I would greatly appreciate it.”
She responded with ” Let me see what I can do!”

We were upgraded 26 or so floors higher with a view of the Bellagio fountains