Major Upgrade And Free Rooms At Wynn Las Vegas

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Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most luxurious casinos in the country. The casino-resort is massive when you combine the original Wynn Tower and the Encore Tower. Personally, I prefer the experience at Encore. The property feels slightly less stuffy with younger guests visiting XS nightclub and Encore Beach Club. However, the sportsbook at Wynn is one of the most beautiful in Las Vegas. I love a good sportsbook.

When I visit the Vegas Strip, it’s typically to meet up with people visiting. My most recent trip to the Vegas Strip was to meet up with an old friend for breakfast. While self-parking is free once again, I was quickly reminded that Encore is a luxury resort. My wonderful breakfast at Jardin was about $30 between food and coffee. Hey, that’s what you get when you visit a luxury property. At least the food and coffee were good.

Wynn is making changes that are spectacular than the Paradise Park idea a couple of years ago. They rolled back plans and are simply upgrading the casino so many people love.

Hotel room renovations coming soon to Wynn

While Encore updated its rooms a few years ago, it’s been a while for the original hotel tower. Wynn will update the hotel rooms in 2020. Details on the renovations haven’t been revealed yet so check back for more information.

Updates to the property don’t end at the rooms. Wynn will be re-opening the Wynn Golf Club in October. Next year, there will be three new restaurants opening along with a new convention center.

$20 Trick At Wynn and Encore

The average daily room rate at Wynn was $333 during the second quarter of 2019. This luxury resort is certainly worth the money but the high price means there’s plenty to be saved and used elsewhere.

It surprises me that there aren’t too many entries on the upgrade pages for Wynn and Encore. Trying a $20 trick tip at check-in could provide great savings. A $50 or even $100 tip might even save some money depending on the upgrade and length of stay.

Lio has the most recent upgrade at Wynn Las Vegas and it sounds pretty good.

“I didn’t intentionally target any clerk, but jumped in a random line since o didn’t know about this part of the trick. It was 7am in the morning, which made the lines relatively short compared to other parts of the day. I was greeted by a very happy clerk, perhaps he had received great news. He was super excited, and when I slid him the 20 dollar tip he said he could upgrade me to the 3 bedroom duplex. I knew this was 4000 dollars on a regular day, so I was freaking out in my mind! I’m sure something amazing happened with this clerk to provide me with one of the best rooms in the Wynn. If he sees this, thank you so much!”

Wowsers! This kind of MAJOR UPGRADE doesn’t happen all the time but it’s beautiful when it does.

Wynn Slots

Another upgrade at Wynn started when Victor earned a complimentary room playing the free Wynn Slots app. That free room was upgraded to a deluxe corner room.

Wynn Slots is becoming a popular way to earn complimentary rooms at Wynn Las Vegas. Visit Wynn Slot to download the app where Victor won his complimentary room.

The free slot game is easy to play. However, earning gems takes some time. Everyone has a certain value on their time. The amount of time it takes to earn a complimentary room might not be worth it to everyone. If you’re curious to learn how to best use your slot time for Wynn, Royal Flusher has some tips on playing Wynn Slots to earn complimentary rooms.