Great Las Vegas Hotel Upgrades In 2018

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The year is coming to an end so let’s take a look back at the year of Front Desk Tips. We’ll start by looking at a couple of the best Las Vegas hotels to target for an upgrade. We’ll then look and some of the best upgrades using the $20 Trick and those and other Las Vegas hotels.

Best Las Vegas Hotels To Target For An Upgrade

The Palazzo checks in with a 95% upgrade rate. The great success for upgrades at the all-suite luxury resort on the Vegas Strip might come as a surprise. Luxury properties in Las Vegas aren’t the easiest to get a complimentary upgrade. However, The Venetian the slightly older of the two Las Vegas Sands hotels has a great 88% success rate. The two towers make up the largest group of hotel rooms under one roof in Las Vegas. They also make for a great place to target for an upgrade.

Caesars Palace is one of the most well-known casino brand names in the world. While the hotel has been a favorite of celebrities and high-rollers over the years, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they offer upgrades so frequently. Caesars Palace is one of the largest casino-resorts in Las Vegas. The 92% upgrade rate makes sense. It should be relatively easy for a desk agent to find a room since there are nearly 4,000 hotel rooms and six hotel towers (including Nobu).

Great Las Vegas Hotel Upgrades In 2018

There are good upgrades and great upgrades when using the $20 trick. The biggest trend for tipping at check-in seems to be upping the amount of the gratuity. More people than ever seem to be increasing the $20 to $50 and $100 dollars.

The value for some of these upgrades might be the best win of the trip for guests visiting Las Vegas. Here are a few great upgrades from 2018.

Cosmopolitan – February 6, 2018

This hotel has a low success rate but HY was bumped from an entry level City Room to a gorgeous Two Bedroom City Suite. This $20 upgrade saved approximately $1,200.

We arrived at midnight with 3 adults and 2 kids. There were only 3 front desk attendants. I put the $20 dollar tip between ID and visa. The lady was very polite and put the money besides her computer and asked if we wanted change? I said slowly with my poor English if “I could get a free room upgrade?” She said she will see what she can do.

She then called someone and was able to get us a room with two bedrooms, a living room and two washing rooms! The rooms had 2 queen beds and one king bed and she added a free crib so everyone could have a bed, which was fantastic! It’s our first time to Las Vegas and it’s such a wonderful room.Thank you for the kind lady and this helpful website! Good luck everyone!

The Mirage – August 15, 2018

Talk about a great upgrade. The Front Desk Tip here at The Mirage is tricky. The desk agents at The Mirage (and all MGM Resorts hotels) have the task of selling upgrades so complimentary aren’t easy to come by.

However, Jim was able to jump from an entry level resort room to a one bedroom Penthouse suite with a tip and a small fee. This provided a nice savings of $600 to $1,000 for the trip.

Went in with the intention of giving $50. I followed the routine and gave him the $50 and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades.

This was a Monday afternoon check-in for a five-night stay. Two of the nights were already comped through mlife to begin with and the other 3 were at a very reduced rate.

The man returned from the back room and said “Unfortunately there were no ‘complimentary’ upgrades, however, he could provide me with a one-bedroom suite for the bare minimum of $25 a night. I jumped at the chance, it was a total of $125 to go from a standard resort room to a one bedroom suite on one of the top couple of floors.

By my estimation, I saved between 600-1000 dollars depending on how you want to look at it.

Bellagio – June 26, 2018

The Bellagio is a beautiful hotel and is always busy. This shouldn’t be an easy hotel to find an upgrade. This summer, Toomey was able to save hundreds of dollars and get one of the best hotel rooms on the Vegas Strip.

This $50 upgrade was from a Deluxe Fountain View room to a Penthouse Premier Fountain View Suite. Not too shabby!

We checked in on Columbus Day weekend 2017 and stayed from Saturday – Monday. The queue was huge but we wanted to try this trick so decided it was worth the wait. We got a middle aged, female clerk and had the sandwich ready to go. When she asked for my cards, I handed them over and said “I was hoping to ask about potential upgrades?”

She immediately stashed the fifty under her desk and said: “let me see what I can do”.
After a couple of minutes, she advised that there weren’t many options as we had already booked quite a nice room. She explained that a penthouse suite would be available for 2 nights but we had to wait for the current occupant to check out.

She couldn’t do it for free but gave us a reduced price. I can’t remember the total cost but I know we save around $400.