Checking Out Bally’s Resort Tower Room

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Last year Caesars Entertainment announced that they will be renovating a slew of hotel rooms at Bally’s. Earlier this year renovations at Bally’s were finished. All 2,052 guest rooms and suites in the newly named Resort Tower received an upgrade. The tower fathest from the Vegas Strip was known as the North Tower and most recently the Indigo Tower.

This recent stay at Bally’s was for four nights. The fourth quarter marketing push by Caesars Entertainment and current Diamond Total Rewards status gave me a nice complimentary price of $0 and $0 resort fees. I didn’t ask for an upgrade since the rest of my travel party was staying at Bellagio and I didn’t expect to spend much time in the room.

Lounging And Working

It turns out, the entry-level Resort Room is huge and I wouldn’t have needed an upgrade. The Resort rooms in this tower start at 440 square feet. This is about average size for a hotel room on the Vegas Strip so I didn’t expect the room to feel especially large.

The Bally’s Resort King room actually feels much larger thanks to ample seating on the couch, lounge chair, and desk chair. This room would have felt spacious even if there was a second bed. The room felt so comfortable and large that I decided to spend a day working in the room.


While the working and lounging areas of the room were very comfortable, I can’t say the same for the bed. The pillowtop mattress was hard. It wasn’t an awful mattress and certainly wasn’t as uncomfortable as the beds at The Linq and Planet Hollywood. The latter was so uncomfortable that I hurt my back and left my reservation early.

Not coincidentally, the hotel rooms at the high-end Caesars Entertainment properties have much more comfortable beds. The renovated room in the Palace Tower at Caesars Palace and the basic rooms at The Cromwell have more pleasant mattresses. I haven’t slept as well in a hotel in a long time as I did at Caesars Palace this summer.

Cleaning Up

The bathroom of the Resort room received a complete makeover that looks similar to what you’ll see in other Caesars Entertainment resorts in Las Vegas. The bathtubs of the old rooms have been replaced with larger shower stalls.

The rain showerhead sounds much better than it performs. The water pressure isn’t strong enough to quickly wash off the previous night of Las Vegas. Even though I prefer a quick cleaning, the shower is large and comfortable so taking a longer shower isn’t the worst thing in the world.

On the plus side, this bathroom renovation does not include a soap and shampoo dispenser. Many Caesars Entertainment guests have come to despise the dispensers at The Linq and Harrah’s.

Why You Should Upgrade To The Resort Tower

The Resort Tower is farther away from the Vegas Strip than the Jubilee Tower. Even though you can have a view of the Vegas Strip, you may not feel as immersed in Vegas as the tower closer to the action. These rooms are also closer to the gift shop if you have the late night munchies and need a chipwhich before bed.

The location of the tower might be a non-starter for some Las Vegas visitors but it shouldn’t be. If a great view isn’t the most important part of the stay, these rooms are great. The renovated Resort rooms at Bally’s are newer, cleaner and feel more spacious than the Jubilee Tower rooms, which were last renovated in 2013.

I’ve always used upgrades to get a larger or newer hotel room since the view doesn’t matter much. This room checks off the top two qualities I look for. If you’re the same you might want to consider upgrading to a new Resort Tower room the next time you stay at Bally’s.