Great Upgrades In Vegas Can Be More Than A Bigger Room

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You can find plenty of great upgrades using the $20 Trick in Las Vegas. However, there’s a special category of great upgrades that stands above the rest. The best upgrades are those that are located in the Las Vegas casino where you want to be! Front Desk Tip upgrades aren’t guaranteed but you can see that some hotels dole them out more often than others.

There’s nothing like but receiving a great upgrade at your favorite hotel. It’s even better when that favorite hotel is a luxury resort. Recently we’ve seen a number of visitors finding success with the $20 (or $50) trick at The Venetian. Along with Wynn and the Cosmopolitan this luxury casino-resort has among the highest room rates in Las Vegas.

The Venetian is always busy and averages around 90% room occupancy. This means, on average, only 10% of the rooms at The Venetian are unoccupied. Upgrades aren’t always easy to come by when there aren’t many hotel rooms available. For some reason, there seems to have been a good amount of success obtaining upgrades at The Venetian recently.

It seems like the staff has been dishing out a variety of upgrades and comps for the ($20 to $100) tip at the front desk. Take a look at these recent reports back from guests at The Venetian:

No room upgrade but waived fees. Money saved. Report from Dan:

“Checked in around 3PM and was quite busy. I was unable to select a clerk so got directed to one.

I put $50 between my Amex and passport, she saw the $50 and pushed it up towards the desk.

I ask if there are any piazza suite upgrades, she said none are available complimentary but at a reduced rate, which I declined.

She then put me on the 33rd floor with a strip and mountain view. I also asked if she could come the retire fee which she happily did.

So $50 saved me the $40 per day view upgrade and €309 in resort fees.”

Modest room upgrade from Alex:

“We arrived late (midnight) on Thursday, and there was a 10 minute wait to check-in, and I was psyching myself up because this was the first time I was trying this. Nobody else seemed to be tipping, so I was unsure about how much to give, but I went with my gut and did $20. The clerk was a young guy, who seemed eager to please. I sandwiched the money between my credit card and ID, and asked if there were any “complimentary upgrades”. Upon seeing the money, he went to work, asking us what we wanted and delivering.

I was traveling with three other people, but booked a king room instead of paying more for the Bella room and I was nervous they would call me out and charge the outrageous “extra person fee” for the two additional people (about $50 per person per day!). Instead, he upgraded us to the Bella room and asked how many keycards I needed. He also waived the resort fees, something I also detest, without me even bring it up. Overall, the entire experience was excellent. I paid $20 for about $500 worth of savings in the end.”

Great view, complimentary wifi and resort fee and extra guests from Jamie

“I was directed from the line to a young lady who was working the desk and she asked for my ID and CC. I handed her what she asked for, with a $20 folded on top in plain sight. She grabbed it and started typing. I proceeded to inform her that we have one extra person with us, going to be staying in the room, and that I hoped she could accommodate us. Me and my father booked the room but my mom later decided to tag along on our trip. She told me that it’s no problem and she set us up with a premium view suite with a fold out couch bed.

She then asked if we were planning to use the gym or the wifi and I said only the wifi. She then informed us that the resort fee would be comped, and she told me to pull out my phone. She assisted me with comp wifi login and never mentioned the “extra person fee” of $50 per day. She gave us three room keys and off we went. Savings of ~$100 per day and we were staying for three days. The room is very nice and the wifi is fast AF.”

I can confirm that the wifi at The Venetian is fast AF. Last year we let you know that hotels are beginning to comp resort fees when they can’t upgrade the room type. That’s certainly been the case at The Venetian. The $20 trick or front desk tip used to be only for a larger room. Today you can use the tip for a better room and maybe even save a few bucks on fees.