4 More Hotel Room Renovations For Caesars

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that Caesars Entertainment has been renovating and upgrading their Las Vegas hotel rooms for a few years. In total, Caesars has updated more than 60% of all of their hotel rooms in Las Vegas. It looks like we’re coming to the end of this upgrade cycle.

Complete Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Hotel Room Renovations

The recent renovations at Caesars Entertainment hotels have touched every property on the Vegas Strip. The only hotel not to have its rooms updated is the Rio, which is just a couple minutes away from the Vegas Strip on Flamingo. Here’s a look at all of the renovations that have been completed by Caesars Entertainment since 2015. The list is mostly Las Vegas but you’ll notice a few regional casinos in the chart.

I recently stayed in a renovated Palace Tower room at Caesars Palace. Some of the Caesars Entertainment renovations over the years have left something to be desired. That wasn’t the case at Caesars Palace. The Palace Tower room was great and the bed was more comfortable than any Caesars property I’ve stayed at in the past five years.

I would definitely consider staying in one of the other newly renovated Indigo Tower rooms at Bally’s. The Jubilee Tower room is one of the nicer mid-tier hotel room renovations on the Vegas Strip. The Flamingo room renovations should be complete by the end of the year. The Flamingo room renovations look really nice if you’re a fan of the hotel. According to the chart above, there are only 1,115 rooms remaining to renovate at the hotel.

Future Caesars Entertainment Hotel Room Renovations

Once the Flamingo renovations are complete Caesars Entertainment will be done for the year. Renovations will resume next year when they complete the room renovations at Paris Las Vegas. This is the third and final phase of renovations that will touch nearly 1,600 rooms at Paris. Once complete nearly 3,000 hotel rooms at Paris will have seen a renovation since 2016.

After the renovations at Paris are complete there are only plans for Caesars Entertainment to renovate three more towers of hotel rooms in Las Vegas. At some point in the future, they will update the Forum Tower at Caesars Palace, Mardi Gras Tower at Harrah’s, and another 1,075 rooms at Flamingo.

End Of Renovations At Caesars and MGM Resorts

Caesars Entertainment has four hotel towers remaining in this renovation cycle. The room renovations should be complete by 2020. Caesars will take a break from renovations for a little while after that. They’ll have to start refreshing rooms fairly quickly because the first renovations should begin to show wear and tear after five or six years.

MGM Resorts has been refreshing their hotel rooms for the past six years or so. They only have one more hotel to go. On a recent earnings call, they mentioned that Park MGM should be the last renovation for a while. The property-wide renovation should be complete by the end of the year.

Don’t expect a long wait for upgrades as MGM Resorts is always looking for a new way to increase revenue. Renovated hotel rooms are usually an easy way to boost income.