Here Are A Few Things To Check Out In Downtown Las Vegas

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This blog often focuses on the Vegas Strip casino-resorts because that’s where the majority of visitors to Las Vegas stay. There are also more casinos and they’re larger so there’s often much more happening to report on. However, more people that have been visiting Las Vegas for awhile are starting to look at options in downtown Las Vegas.

There are plenty of reasons to visit and stay in downtown Las Vegas. Personally, every time I have friends visiting for more than a day or two they look for a reason to check out “Old Vegas.” Downtown Las Vegas offers variety for people that have been visiting Las Vegas for awhile and are looking for something different.

Downtown Las Vegas is still historic but it’s not quite as “Old” as the moniker Old Vegas would lead you to believe. Here are a few different places to visit or stay the next time you are looking for an excuse to head of the Vegas Strip.

Golden Gate Casino Renovations

This is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. Last year the Golden Gate expanded the casino by adding space for new slot machines. This year the casino is expanding and renovating again. The big addition this year will be adding a sportsbook.

The Golden Gate doesn’t have a restaurant to eat, no spa to relax at, and no pool to cool off. That said, this is one of the most fun casinos to drink and gamble in downtown Las Vegas. The hotel rooms have been modernized but are small. An upgrade to a suite is a wise idea here.

Fremont Street Experience

This part of downtown Las Vegas is often considered a mall of casinos. The canopy covered Fremont Street has six casinos (and another under construction), three performance stages, shopping kiosks and buskers/performers entertaining the visitors.

After the canopy ends there’s a giant slot machine that’s home to the SlotZilla (SP) zipline. This part of Las Vegas is a party unlike any you’ll find anywhere in the United States. The Fremont Street Experience is the epicenter of downtown Las Vegas for most tourists.

Fremont East

The Fremont East area of downtown Las Vegas is just beyond SlotZilla. The small section of downtown Las Vegas consists of many businesses that have opened in the past five years or so. There are restaurants, shops, bars and of one of the most interesting casino experiences in Las Vegas at the El Cortez.

Arts District

The Arts District in downtown Las Vegas is often forgotten by tourists. This part of downtown Las Vegas is located between the Vegas Strip and Fremont Street Experience. While the local casinos cater to older residents, this part of Las Vegas is a great area to visit you’re looking for a unique young locals experience. You’ll find a slew of unique locally owned bars, restaurants, and other businesses in the Arts District. You’ll also find First Friday events that are free for all ages.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is the perfect first casino for anyone looking to stay in downtown Las Vegas for the first time. Many of the casino-hotels in downtown Las Vegas are smaller and older buildings. They’re a far cry from the massive casino-resorts on the Vegas Strip. The Golden Nugget is larger than the other casinos has more amenities. It’s the only true resort in downtown Las Vegas today. That should change when the casino known as 18 Fremont is built across the street from the Golden Gate. That resort is scheduled to open in 2020.