Keeping Up With The Palazzo

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The Palazzo is one of the most active casino-resorts on Front Desk Tip. The 95% success rate for upgrades using the $20 trick is among the best in Las Vegas. While some of the upgrades have been modest, this report from Tomy is amazing.

“Booked 3 bella rooms in total for a bachelor/ birthday party. We arrived at about 9:30 pm on Thursday night. No one was in line and went to the first lady that called me over. Slipped the $50 between my passport and credit card and simply asked for any complimentary upgrades she could give me. I asked if she had any crazy suites and heard about awesome customer service they provide at the Palazzo. 5 minutes later, I got my resort fees waived, the Lago suite with a pool table and 2 roll away beds all for free. No other questions asked! What an amazing upgrade!!”

The $50 tip upgraded this party from the entry level Bella Suite to a top-tier multi-room Lago Suite. This upgrade saved close to $2,000. Not too shabby!

If you haven’t been to the Palazzo for awhile, you might notice some changes in the casino and in the hotel suites. The casino floor has been rearranged, restaurants and bars have changed, the rooms have been upgraded and there’s more to come. Let’s take a look at some of the changes at The Palazzo in the past few months.

Suite Renovations

All 2,876 suites at The Palazzo have been renovated and upgraded. This is not a minor renovation. The Las Vegas Review-Journal estimates that the room upgrades cost at least $100 million.

Casino Floor Changes

Even if you’re not staying at The Palazzo, this is probably the most noticeable change to the property. An upgrade of the 60,000-square-foot gaming floor began last year. The changes affect the entire casino including new carpet, paint, lighting, and walkways.

Additionally, the gaming areas may appear different. New video poker and slot machines have been added and the table games rearranged.

Rosina Cocktail Bar

Rosina replaces the bar near Grand Lux Cafe and The Palazzo Theater. This bar has changed names and themes a few times since The Palazzo opened in 2007. Rosina is a luxurious cocktail bar that celebrates classic cocktails in an intimate 65 seat setting. The bar features a “Champagne Call Button” that allows guests to top off their flute with the push of a button. Rosina features a unique soundtrack for the Vegas Strip featuring soul, classic R&B, and reggae with hints of sultry jazz and blues.

Grand Canal Shoppes

The mall on the second level of The Palazzo is constantly changing tenants. Depending on your last visit to The Palazzo there could be as many as 10 new businesses at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Two of the new businesses offer experiences that you can’t find anywhere else on the Vegas Strip.

Once (pronounced on-seh) has replaced Table 10 in the Grand Canal Shoppes. This is a Peruvian Nikkei dining experience isn’t available anywhere else Vegas Strip. The Void recently opened Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire virtual reality experience in Saint Mark’s Square. Additionally, eight new retail stores have opened their doors.

Coming Soon: Don’t Tell Mama

Eater Vegas recently reported that Don’t Tell Mama will be relocating to The Palazzo from downtown Las Vegas. According to the report, the new location for the piano bar/cabaret will also feature a restaurant with a rotating seasonal menu.