El Cortez Is Renovating Downtown Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

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New El Cortez Hotel Room

New El Cortez Hotel Room

We all know that the Vegas Strip is the most visited part of Las Vegas. Many of the largest hotels in the world reside on this one street. The Venetian alone has more than 7,000 hotel rooms. MGM Grand is also huge and has almost well over 6,000 hotel rooms. Even a “smaller” large casino-resort on the Vegas Strip like Caesars Palace has almost 4,000 hotel rooms.

It’s no surprise to see the larger casino-resorts in one of the most visited destinations in the country renovate hotel rooms regularly. The upside of hotel room renovations is that they offer nicer amenities than older hotel rooms. The downside is that the renovations often move the hotel rooms to a more premium room category. The bottom line is that renovated rooms often cost a few dollars more. When you add nightly fees and taxes these rooms can seem a bit more costly.

We try to keep up with the changes here because the $20 trick is a great way to step into a new hotel room. The upgrades may not be massive but will save a few bucks. These upgrades often lead to a more fresh and new Las Vegas experience.

The Vegas Strip casinos aren’t the only properties improving their hotel rooms. We recently wrote about the 3-year renovation of the hotel rooms at the South Point. The new rooms will be a great excuse to explore a casino away from the casino corridor of the Vegas Strip. Another casino away from the Vegas Strip also announced a hotel renovation. This upgrade is smaller but already underway.

New El Cortez Bathroom

New El Cortez Bathroom

Ahead of an announcement, The El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas is already renovating some of its rooms. This is a modest renovation compared to renovations at the large resorts but it’s significant for the historic casino-hotel. El Cortez is renovating 73 of its Tower Rooms and they’re set to debut in late summer. We’d love to see an upgrade tale from El Cortez if you have one.

The new room design will be warm and modern with a vintage feel. The new hotel rooms at El Cortez will incorporate a splash of Spanish Colonial style. Highlights of the redesigned rooms include black and white floor tiles in the bathroom, traditional style rugs, carved wood details and modern accent furniture.

The renovations won’t only be inside the Tower Rooms. Guests will be greeted with a full-size monochromatic mural of the vintage Downtown Las Vegas skyline in the hallway. The art will feature a vivacious pop art graphic layered atop. Each floor will have its own personality. Every floor a different bold pop of color will accent the murals. You’ll be able to follow El Cortez’ history along the corridor graphic that will feature an abstract interpretation of its vintage sign spanning the length of the hallway.

“Since we first opened on Fremont Street over 75 years ago, we continue to find ways to grow, evolve and invigorate our property,” said Alexandra Epstein-Gudai, Partner and Executive Manager of the El Cortez.